Nordic Business Forum, 2017, in Helsinki offered brilliant speakers, vegan food, future food (crickets), inspirational and spontaneous meetings and a great level of being psyched about my own personal and business-minded development.

I ran out of business cards and found out that the most extreme way to start a conversation is opening a sparkling water bottle on to the person standing next to you. (Sorry mate) He was understanding and he could relate; ”It always happens”, he said. Thankfully it was only water.

This event gave me inspirational thoughts, my network expanded, found a soulmate on some thoughts, got to speak Estonian (my mother tongue I never want to forget), got to listen to some brilliant speakers, I laughed, I shed some tears (Oh I truly did, during two different speakers – guess freely, who they were) for the same reason during two speeches.

”Fear will cripple You more than having no limbs.” -Nick Vujicic

It is about courage, curiosity, letting go and not overthinking everything. 

Speakers were keen about people, emphasising the people and assets they already have and recommended to invest in people, preferably in people who are as good as you, better than you or the bias to become good and even better.

Trusting is difficult, but every now and then – if it is a relationship or a teamwork, business-related project or an engagement; a promise to get married — you have to build your trust. 

Met a person during one of the coffee breaks, who said that she is all about giving chances and being open with people since you can’t judge a person or be critical if your first thought is that I am not going to trust him/her or I don’t want to do so for some reason. 

Be open, put your trust in people — don’t get cynical. Get burnt or spark a flame — you can’t decide or predict other person’s behaviour, but you can adjust your own. Being the better and the best person you can be includes imperfection, giving chances, giving opportunities, enabling others — that is, where the magic lies. Those are the things, what make this life in its overall matter to tick, makes it fascinating, makes it unique.

It is life.

By discouraging others or not taking risks, or not taking calculated movement towards your own fear, you might and you probably will miss out on some amazing experiences or opportunities. If there is not a single thing, what makes your heart rate race up and down, then where is the excitement in living? In fear there is plenty. 

Think about most of the infants for example — they do not fear nor they give up when they fall down while learning how to walk. They get back to trying because they are unfamiliar to the concept of giving up. I believe it is a behaviour we learn while we are growing up, we become adults and more self-conscious.

Taking (calculated) risks certainly makes you feel alive (this doesn’t mean being utterly stupid). Always you can think and remember the following: It is okay to be a bit excited and nervous about asking this or saying that, but without saying it you might regret it for the upcoming years to come.

Probably you will survive.

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